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Kudos to Florida Atlantic U for New, Innovative, and Simple Advising Strategy

Yesterday’s Inside Higher Ed highlighted a new, innovative advising initiative at Florida Atlantic University. What stood out to me was not that the initiative was new or innovative- I read about new and innovative initiatives on a daily basis. What stood … Continue reading

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Book Rec: “University Inc.: The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education” by Jennifer Washburn

Jennifer Washburn does a fantastic job of chronically the growing role of commercial interests in America’s public higher education system, especially in regards to technology transfer. Washburn, a freelance journalist, employs a journalistic/expose’ style to tell a compelling story about the ethical dilemmas inherent … Continue reading

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Different Strokes: Rethinking the Way We Segment Students

Different strokes for different folks, or so the saying goes…. A recent report by The Parthenon Group  (a consulting group) asserts that we, in higher education, do a rather poor job of segmenting students into meaningful groups for purposes of … Continue reading

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Kudos to Software PhD

I love Amazon and utilize Yelp on a regular basis when I travel. I also check Angie’s List before purchasing any service (doctors, dentists, plumbers, etc.). Reading reviews and sorting products/restaurants/services based on average ratings allows me to be a … Continue reading

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Some Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for Higher Education (2014)

We are now 2 days into 2014. Many campuses across the nation are closed this entire week but on Monday most will return with vim and vigor, ready to face 2014 head on.  As we embark upon another year, I … Continue reading

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It’s the Same Old Song- Tuition Policy in Louisiana

It is indeed the same old song in Louisiana these days as a legislatively-appointed task force completes its several-months-long study of tuition policy in the State. As argued in an opinion piece in today’s The Advocate, the conclusions borne by … Continue reading

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Kudos to Common Sense Thinking in Financial Aid

In today’s edition of Inside Higher Ed Justin Draeger, President and CEO of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, highlighted three very basic, common sense approaches that could increase access to, continuous enrollment and, ultimately, success in college. … Continue reading

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