Kudos to Florida Atlantic U for New, Innovative, and Simple Advising Strategy

b-keep-it-simple-stupidYesterday’s Inside Higher Ed highlighted a new, innovative advising initiative at Florida Atlantic University. What stood out to me was not that the initiative was new or innovative- I read about new and innovative initiatives on a daily basis. What stood out to me was that the initiative was down right simple. Now there’s something novel! It’s rare to read about colleges employing new, innovative, and SIMPLE strategies.

“Since January, two parking garages on the university’s Boca Raton campus have doubled as academic advising offices for commuter students, whose schedules had not previously allowed them to use campus advising services regularly.”

Academic advisors at Florida Atlantic, from the hours of 5pm-7pm, took over the parking garage security huts, and only four months later….

“had met with more than 500 students in the parking garages. Most of the students hadn’t been seeing anyone for academic advising. They offered those students a variety of services including degree audits, projecting when courses will be offered in future semesters and scheduling. They also helped students set up appointments with other departments such as financial aid, admissions and career services.”

So, kudos to Florida Atlantic for implementing, with great success, something new, innovative, and above all else, SIMPLE!

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