It’s the Same Old Song- Tuition Policy in Louisiana

four-tops-its-the-same-old-song-motownIt is indeed the same old song in Louisiana these days as a legislatively-appointed task force completes its several-months-long study of tuition policy in the State. As argued in an opinion piece in today’s The Advocate, the conclusions borne by the task force are well-worn and stand little chance of actually being implemented.

At the root of the task force’s conclusions is a need for greater flexibility for Louisiana’s public institutions, including tuition setting authority (which in Louisiana currently requires a two-thirds majority vote of the Legislature), the ability to charge differential tuition for high-cost programs and the ability to charge per credit hour tuition (currently it’s a flate rate for 12 or more credit hours).

It seems quite ironic to me that in an era in which the Legislature and the Governor consistently call upon higher education to act more “like a business” and to be “more entrepreneurial,” that they continue to deny higher education leaders the same flexibility and discretion awarded to private businesses.



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