Kudos to Incoming UL System President Woodley


It’s a new year and for the University of Louisiana System, Louisiana’s largest public college and university system, the new year brings a new System President. I just read a recent interview with incoming President Dr. Sandra Woodley and I have to admit, I was inspired. You can read the interview here.

I am first and foremost inspired by her personal story of perseverance. The road to the executive ranks of higher education is well worn with extreme tradition so I am glad to see someone who took a less traditional route come to a leadership position.

I am also inspired by her progressive vision for higher education in the State of Louisiana. I was especially happy to hear that she is well versed on the fine art of metric making and measurement. She’s done her homework and understands the importance of defining how we measure the success of various institutions with very different missions. She also seems to be willing to explore expanding the role of online education. Much of this will probably put her at odds with the “good ol’ boy” network that tends to seek to maintain the status quo in Louisiana higher education, but what can I say, I like the underdog!

So cheers and warm welcome to Dr. Woodley! I wish her the best.

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