Book Rec: “The Coming Jobs War” – Jim Clifton

“The coming world war is an all-out war for good jobs.”

This is how Chairman of Gallup Jim Clifton begins his 2011 book entitled “The Coming Jobs War.”

It surely gets your attention!

In this book, Clifton argues that:

1) The lack of good jobs will become the root cause of almost all world problems in the future.

2) America stands to lose its place as the global economic leader if it does not begin to focus on the creation of good jobs.

3) America became the world economic leader during the latter half of the 19th century due to the creation of good jobs. This was accomplished by the Baby Boomers who created millions of small, medium and large companies (and subsequently millions of good jobs) through entrepreneurship and innovation.

4) To fuel job creation we must fuel the entrepreneurial spirit and this is accomplished best through a grass roots effort- “from the combination of the forces within big cities, great universities, and powerful local leaders.”

Clifton’s book is an easy and quick read. It finds its most direct application to higher education in the latter half in which he asserts that schools are where entrepreneurs are created.

I appreciate Clifton’s focus not on the university’s role in meeting market demands for specific jobs but rather on the university’s role in fostering the will and skill among students to create and innovate jobs that don’t even exist yet.

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